Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The time is drawing near, I can feel it in my bones, it is getting time to get on the road again.
Staying with Sandi and Colin in Bowmanville for the past few weeks, has allowed me to get comfortable with being away from family and friends in Nova Scotia again. It has allowed me the time required to actually see if I want to head West. And...yes I do. This next journey is going to be so different.
Different because I have answered many questions I had that were confusing to me and now I do not have to think about them anymore! I have found some joy again. And this next journey is going to blow the socks off any adventure I have ever had!

Having my book "Unfinished" available now and writing "Finished" has changed my life. Who knew?

Stay tuned for the dates of where I will be speaking and book signings.

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