Saturday, January 28, 2012

Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

It is so beautiful on Vancouver Island even in rains and rains, that is why it is so lush and the trees are gigantic!...But... I do not have to shovel it. Even the snow that does blow in only stays until it rains again...good thing I do not allow the weather to dictate what I do or where I go!

I have finished writing Finished and it is in the editing process to be ready for release on March is already available for pre-order from

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year!

I have to say I am happy to see 2011 behind me. It was a grueling year of self imposed exiles and self analysis. I am looking forward to getting on the road again touring with Unfinished after finishing writing...Finished. Thank you all for supporting me in every way last year. I have learned so much from all the people I have had the privilege of staying with, new people I have met and the fantastic team I get to work with in my writing world.
I spent another incredible time up in the Chilcotin Mountains,snowmobiling our way in to the peace and tranquility that being that far up and away from all communication devices can provide. I am back in Vancouver to finish my second book and even the rain cannot dampen my excitement with all the fantastic changes that are happening for so many people including me! Your e-mails continue to keep me humble...keep writing to me.